Boroughbridge Striders

Boroughbridge Striders is a new (May 2019), experimental, informal walking group that focuses on walks in the 12-20 miles range, mainly in the local area

It was by started by John Helliwell shortly after the Boroughbridge Easter Walking Festival of 2019. 8 people, having completed the 17 mile “River Round” walk in just over 6 hours indicated that similar walks might be attractive and desirable in the future, based on a perceived interest in “longer walks”.

The features of Boroughbridge Striders, apart from the length of the walks are:
• It’s for fit, experienced, adult walkers, not for beginners or children
• The pace might be described as “brisk”; there are few, if any, stops, apart from a brief break for lunch (packed)
• Pubs and café stops are not on the menu; neither are talks en route connected with points of human and geographical interest and local history
• As far as possible, the walks take place in the Boroughbridge/Lower Ure Valley area with minimal dependence on motor vehicles and the need travel by car to distant start points. We start and finish at the same point

There is not an underlying philosophy; but maintaining personal fitness through walking is at the heart of what Boroughbridge Striders is about. We walk to engender good mental and physical health and personal well-being. However, we acknowledge that enjoyment of the countryside is important, as is the satisfaction of walking energetically for several hours in order to complete a challenging hike. Boroughbridge Striders is committed to a non-competitive approach to walking and to the support of all members of the group on its walks; we would never abandon anyone on a walk or leave someone behind!

Are there any “rules”?
In a word, no. The walk “leader” has no authority per se, but overall there is an assumption that the leader will guide group members on a walk, given that he/she has researched and prepared the route in advance of the event. The group would also expect to abide by the Country Code and accept the conventions and protocols that have evolved in the UK over the past century or so through national bodies such as The Ramblers

Is there a kit list or a schedule of requirements with respect to clothing, footwear, food, etc?
No, there is no kit list and no formal expectations with reference to clothing, footwear, etc. However, if advice is required, we will provided it in the form of suggestions made by group members, in as much detail as is necessary in the circumstances. The walk leader will carry a first aid kit but group members provide for their personal first aid needs, e.g. dressings for minor cuts and blisters

What about GDPR?
Boroughbridge Striders subscribes to GDPR and endeavours to adhere to the national guidelines in all aspects of data handling

Does participation in a BSWG walk involve any cost?

Are participants in Boroughbridge Striders’ walks covered by insurance?
No. If you want to be insured during a walk, you will need to make your own insurance arrangements

Details of walks planned for 2019 are as follows (Click on the titles for more details when available)

June 1 – Rural Round Walk
(Starts in Boroughbridge at the Langthorpe picnic site car park at 0900; route – Roecliffe – Bishop Monkton – Burton Leonard – Roecliffe – Minskip – home; 15 miles)

July 6 – Ripon Round Walk
(Starts in Boroughbridge at the Langthorpe picnic site at 0900; route – Roecliffe, then along the river/canal to the centre of Ripon – cross North Bridge and walk along the riverside path to Bridge Hewick – home via Newby Hall and Cottage Lane; 15.5 miles)

August 17 – South Ripon Rowel 16 Walk
(Starts in Bishop Monkton at the Masons Arms at 0900; route – Ripon via the river/canal path – Studley Park – Markenfield Hall – Wormald Green – back to Bishop Monkton; 16 miles)

September 21 – River Round Walk (2)
(Starts in Boroughbridge outside The Crown at 0900. This is an opportunity for people who missed the walk during the 2019 Easter Walking Festival to complete the longest of our local walks. Leaflets on the walk available from Tourist Information or the Library. 17 miles)

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Start time: 0900 Return time: around 1200 Meeting point: Langthorpe picnic site car park Event: Walk to Myton Bridge; return by different route Distance: 7 miles (11 km) Route: mainly on paths, with some walking on minor roads; starting in Langthorpe, then Milby Lock – along the river bank to Myton – Ellenthorpe Lane – Helperby road – Milby – home (possible extension of route to include Kirby Hill via green lane/Church Lane, if participants are agreeable) Suitable for: any reasonably fit adult; no map reading or navigation skills requiredBring: snack, if required; thermos/water bottle; suitable clothing and footware; mobile phone; contact phone number

For more details and any questions, contact: John Helliwell
October 26 – Round of Copgrove

(Starts in Staveley and include a section of the Knaresborough Round, visiting Ferrensby, Brearton and Burton Leonard. 14 miles)

Winter 2019/20 – a possible walk for a Saturday during the winter months is the Easingwold/Crayke 13, yet to be researched and planned

2020 (date TBD) – Round of Knaresborough

(Starts in Coneythorpe and involves walking round the town, including a section in the Nidd Gorge. 16 miles)

Full details of the above walks are available to members of the group before the walk in question.
Contact with BSWG is through John Helliwell,, 01423 320731