Striders Walks

Contact John Helliwell to find out more about Striders’ walks in the near future or visit Boroughbridge & Lower Ure Valley, Walkers are Welcome | Facebook .

Boroughbridge Striders Walking Group: schedule of local walk guides:                                                                                                                

                                   Walk DistanceTime required @ 4 km/hour  + see note                      Start/finish                                Notes
A. Kirby Hill Saunter5 km1 h  15 minsLangthorpe CP*Includes variations/alternatives
B. Aldborough River Loop  5 km1 h  15 minsLangthorpe CPAs above
C. Langthorpe Round  5 km1 h  15 mins  Langthorpe CPIncludes an “extension” along Scaldhill Lane
D. Minskip-Arkendale Circuit9 km2 h  15 minsMinskip roundabout 
E. Skelton Circuit10 km2 h 30 mins  Langthorpe CPCan incorporate the Kirby Hill Saunter or Langthorpe Round
F. Westwick Walk11 km2 h 45 minsLangthorpe CPOptional start in Roecliffe
G. Myton 711 km2 h  45 minsLangthorpe CP 
H. Minskip- A1 Underpass  12 km3 hLangthorpe CPShorter version starts in Minskip
I. Thornton Bridge – Dalton Loop12 km3 hThornton BridgeThere is a longer (15 km) alternative, from Helperby
J. Exploring  Routes around Roecliffe14.5 km3 h 37 minsLangthorpe CPA shorter version is available, starting in Roecliffe itself
K. Aldwark Toll Bridge – Myton Loop16 km4 hCar park next to river on N side of bridgeCan start/finish in Aldwark village, if a shorter walk is preferred
L. Round of Marton-le- Moor18 km4 h 30 minsLangthorpe CPCan start/finish in Kirby Hill
M. SE Loop via L. Dunsforth, Grafton, Minskip, Roecliffe20 km5 hLangthorpe CPVarious options are available
N. Round of Copgrove    23 km5 h  45 minsStaveley Green (near school)OS map essential
O. Rural Round  (incl. Bishop Monkton and Burton L)24 km6 h Langthorpe CP 
P. Ripon Round (North Bridge, Ripon, and back)25 km6 h  15 minsLangthorpe CPVariations available at end of  walk
Q. Knaresborough Circuit   26 km6 h  15 minsConeythorpe  (pub at S end of village)OS map essential; route incorporates part of KBH.Round
R. South Ripon Rowel 25 km6 h  15 minsBishop MonktonOS map essential
S. River Round South  (BB , Aldwark Bridge, Myton)                                   27 km6 h  30 mins  Langthorpe CPOS map essential

Notes/key: * =  “Langthorpe CP” = Langthorpe Picnic Site car park (where the Striders’ Group normally meets);; + = Time required based on 4 km/hour; walking time only, i.e. no allowance for stops/breaks

Route descriptions relating to the above walks are accessible on the Boroughbridge Walkers are Welcome web site and can be downloaded with no technical difficulty. B/W copies of this document can also be collected from Tourist Information or Boroughbridge Community Library. If you are unable to download and/or print off a copy of a Word doc, please email John Helliwell ( who will do his best to get a copy to you. Should you wish to be included on the Striders’ mailing list, please make a request through the above email address.

For more information about Walkers are Welcome in Boroughbridge, please either refer to Facebook: Boroughbridge & Lower Ure Valley, Walkers are Welcome; or find the group on; or send an email,